42 Grey & Simcoe Foresters Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps

Owen Sound



42 Grey & Simcoe Foresters Officers & Staff

Lt James Bell

Deputy Commanding Officer

Training Officer

Capt Krista Linthorne

Commanding Officer

Public Affairs Representative

Unit Cadet Conflict Manager

Capt Charlene Stanislow

Administration Officer

Rebecca Noble

Civilian Instructor

Supply Officer


Dallas Bell

Flag Party Commander

42 Army Senior Cadet Staff

CV Kevin Linthorne

Assistant Supply Officer


Cailyn Perry

Platoon Commander

42 Army Support Committee Executive Tony Bell Support Committee Chair Kevin Linthorne  Vice Chair Martin Riordan Treasurer Darren Reid Volunteers


About the Support Committee

42 Army Support Committee provides assistance to the Corps in the area of fundraising, recruiting of cadets and staff.  Members of the support committee also assist with administration duties, events and on Field Training Exercises.  They are an integral part of the operation of the 42 Army Cadet program.

The support committee is always looking for interested and motivated people to become part of the team.  You don’t have to have a cadet in the 42 Army Cadet program to join.  Email, call or stop by any Tuesday night for more information.  We look forward to meeting you.

Martine Cote-Barnwell


Graham Jordan

Civilian Instructor

General Support Officer

James Spaetzel

Civilian Instructor

Assiistant Training Officer

Chief Warrant Officer

Kaelin Linthorne

Regimental Sergeant Major

Warant Officer

Garret Blondin

Company Sergeant Major